Assignment 3 (it6) | Computer Science homework help

 Overview: In this assignment, you will analyze the process states for your preferred operating system. This analysis will prepare you for the process management requirements of your final project. 
Prompt: To complete the assignment, you will need to: 
 1. Research and then describe in your journal the scheduling algorithm used by your operating system kernel by default. Next, go to the command shell and execute the following command:
 Windows: Execute the command tasklist /v 
 2. In the second part of your journal assignment: 
 a. Describe how the state values (such as “running” or “sleeping”) reported by your operating system relate to the status of threads in Round Robin, First-Come, First-Serve, and Priority-Based scheduling algorithms.  
 b. Make note of any special thread/process reporting data your operating system provides and how it relates to process scheduling. Remember, support for a specific scheduling algorithm is determined by the environment in which your operating system is deployed. 



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