choose any question you like and argue whether you agree or disagree with the question. make sure there is evidence to support your argument.
1 Do violent video games lead to violent crimes?

2 Should the US Government pay reparations to the Native Americans for the lands that were taken from them years ago?

3 Should euthanasia be legalized?

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4 Was there any merit to President Trumps executive decision travel ban?
5 Should Trump “build the wall”?
6 Should there be sanctuary cities?
7 Should schools bring back corporal punishment?
8 Is a college education worth the cost?
9 Should the minimum wage be increased to $15/hour?
10 Does social networking bring more harm than good?
11 Should the President and Congress repeal Obamacare?
12 Should Donald Trump use Twitter as a communication tool?
13 Should the Dakota Pipeline be continued and completed?
14 Should the US abolish the electoral college?
15 Should the National Security Agency mine our emails and texts for data?
16 Should welfare recipients receive mandatory drug testing?
17 Should America provide free tuition for public universities?
18 Should there be congressional term limits? ((limit the amount of times they can be elected to same position)
19 Do conceal and carry laws decrease crime?
20 Should recreational marijuana be legalized nationally?
21 Should the drinking age be lowered to 18?
22 Should employers be able to regulate their workers visible tattoos and piercings?
23 Should students receiving financial aid be drug tested?

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