Assignment brief 2
School of Tourism

Assignment Briefing Sheet

Programme: Masters Framework Level: M
Unit Name: Business Strategy and Finance
Assignment Markers:
Assignment Titles: Assignment 2

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Title: Critical review of theory- individual assignment

Feedback method: Written feedback sheet

Issue date: 30th September 2015

Weighting of this assignment:
(as % of total coursework assessment for the unit) Individual Critical Review: 50%

Assignment 2

Title: Critical review of theory- individual assignment

You are required to write an academic Critical Review of one concept or theory of strategy. You are free to consider any theory or concept used in strategy, but ensure that it is relevant to strategy and not another area of study.

A critical review is a process of evaluating the worth of a concept; looking at an idea in number of ways, such as from multiple positions, in an approach to examine its legitimacy. In this way, you are attempting to explore the current state of understanding about a strategic model or concept.

This is an academic piece of work it should use academic references and should not be applied to your company in assignment 1.

A ‘critical review looks at what academics judgements have been, synthesising a range of insights to attempt to come to a point of understanding. You are not required to make your own judgement, nor are you required to show your ‘voice in the assignment. You are the researcher pulling together different thoughts and strands espoused by a range of academics. Therefore it should be written in the third person. What you are required to do is evaluate the academic literature on this theory.

A good critical review of this type deals with the world of ideas and questions and asks ‘why should we accept this model or theory? A poor critical review is descriptive and has limited reference to judgements made by others about an idea or concept and will tend to use real life examples. A critical review should have an appropriate introduction, a coherent narrative, a conclusion and supporting references.

You are required to submit a single pdf file electronically and one printed copy via the assignment boxes.

The word count is 2,250-2,750 words, including diagrams, appendices and references. Please put diagrams and models in the main body of your text. For each 100 words outside this, 5% will be deducted from the report marks. This word count is for the full review and should be indicated on the title page. The selected main body text size of the report should be 12 point typeface, 1.5 spacing.

Assessment Criteria and Weightings: Assignment 2

Assessment category Weighting
Subject knowledge and understanding 30%
Intellectual skills including analysis, evaluation, and critical judgement 60%
Transferable skills including communication and presentation 10%
Within these weightings the University generic assessment criteria will be applied. These are listed as an appendix.

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