PDCAThe_Role_of_Lean_Process_Impro(1).pdfMarx, L., Quirk, M., Lindberg, J., & Koerner, K. (2015). Steinfeld, B., Scott, J., Vilander, G., & Marx. How to Implement Evidence-Based Practices in Behavioral Health Care: The Role of Lean Process Improvement. Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research, 42(4), 504–518. Alternative Formats (242.452 KB): (2015), Petersson (2015), Hagell (2015), and Westergren (2015). A Clinical Intervention Pilot Study using the Situation, Background, Assessment, and Recommendation (SBAR) Model for Communication between Health Care Professionals. 530–535 in International Journal of Caring Sciences, 8(3). Alternative Formats for retrieval: obtained from KB)

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What is the SBAR Model? How was this model used in the study that was the subject of the article? Summarize the study’s methodology, results, potential implications for patient safety, and conclusion.
Check out The Role of Lean Process.

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