BI, Analytics, Decision Support- DQ6

Today’s challenge is what to do with all of the data that has been created as a result of the Internet. The field of data science is trying to store, manage, classify and provide meaningful access to it. Think like a futurist. Create a report on where the field is going. Some points you might want to include are:

  • What is Big Data? 
  • Why is it important? 
  • Where does Big Data come from?
  • What do you believe the future of Big Data will be? 
  • Will it lose its popularity to something else? 
  • If so, what will it be?
  • What is Big Data analytics? How does it differ from regular analytics?
  • What are the critical success factors for Big Data analytics?
  • What are the big challenges that one should be mindful of when considering implementation of Big Data analytics?
  • What are the common business problems addressed by Big Data analytics?
  • In the era of Big Data, are we about to witness the end of data warehousing? Why?
  • What are the use cases for Big Data/Hadoop and data warehousing/RDBMS?
  • What is stream analytics? 
  • How does it differ from regular analytics?
  • What are the major uses of IoT?
  • Why is the IoT considered a disruptive technology?
  • The IoT has a growing impact on business and e-commerce. Find evidence.

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