Assume that the input power in the lossless transmission line connected to the transmitting antenna is 20W, and antennas have a transmitting and receiving radiation efficiency of 60% and 94% respectivel

Assignment Outcomes
The assignment will help you in assessing your understanding on the transmission line circuits and their solutions, in applying smith chart in analyzing and solving transmission line problems, impedance matching and also differentiate between various important antenna parameters.
• Each student has to do the assignment individually through moodle turnitin.
• Include the question paper and a completed Task sheet with all relevant details.
• Assignment must be computer typed: Font – Calibri (Regular), Font – Size – 12, Spacing- 1.5
• The final assignment must have a reference/ bibliography and page numbers.
Rules & Regulations related to plagiarism
Plagiarised documents, in part or in whole, submitted by the students will be subject to this policy.
First offence of plagiarism
A student will be allowed to re-submit the assignment once, within a maximum period of one week. However, a penalty of deduction of 25% of the marks obtained for the resubmitted work will be imposed.
Mark deduction: When the work is resubmitted, 25% of the marks deduction is made on the marks obtained. (Not the on the total marks for the assignment)
Period of resubmission: The student will have to resubmit the work one week from the date he or she is advised to resubmit. If the re-submitted work is also detected to be plagiarized, then the work will be awarded a zero. Resubmission of the work beyond the maximum period of one week will not be accepted and the work will be awarded a zero.
Further offence of plagiarism:
If any student is again caught in an act of plagiarism during his/her course of study, the student will directly be awarded zero for the work in which plagiarism is detected. The student will not be allowed to re-submit the work.
The total amount of similar material from all sources should not exceed 30% (including direct quotations). The total amount of quoted material (direct quotations) should not exceed 10%. The total amount of similar material from a single source should not exceed 7 percent.
• Refer to the MIG for MEC policy on academic integrity and late submission.
Last date of submission: 21st December 2016
Feedback to Students: 9th January 2017
An antenna with input impedance of is to be matched with a feeding transmission line of 400O characteristic impedance. Feeding transmission line length is 37cm and it is propagating a wave of wavelength of 15cm. Use Smith Chart to answer following:
Distance of 1st Vmax and 1st Vmin from load; (5 Marks)
Number of voltage maximas and voltage minimas on this line; (3 Marks)
Distance and length of an open series stub to match the antenna with the transmission line; and (5 Marks)
Draw the equivalent circuit of the matched system of part c. (2 Marks)
The standing-wave ratio on a lossless 50? transmission line terminated in unknown load impedance is found to be 3. The distance between successive voltage minima is 20cm and the first minimum is located at 5cm from the load. Determine:
The reflection coefficient
The load impedance
The equivalent length and terminating resistance of a line such that the input impedance is equal to load impedance. (5 marks each)
A 300 ? feedline is to be connected to a 3m long, 150 ? line terminated in a 150 ? resistor. Both lines are lossless and use air as the insulating material and the operating frequency is 50 M Hz. Determine the: (5 marks each)
Input impedance of the 3m long line;
Voltage standing wave ratio on the feed line; and
Characteristic impedance of a quarter –wave transformer were it to be used between the two lines in order to achieve SWR =1 on the feed line.
Consider the transmission line in the figure:
Determine the SWR on transmission line
The input impedance
If 1/?C=10 ?, find I s in the figure. (5 marks each)
Assuming a lossless transmission line with a termination as indicated in figure:
Using the expressions of wave equations, derive expressions for distance to voltage maxima and voltages minima (15 marks)
Two lossless X band horn antennas are separated by a distance of 200?. The reflection coefficients at the terminals of the transmitting and receiving antennas are 0.2 and 0.3 respectively. The maximum directivities of the transmitting and receiving antennas (over isotropic) are 15 dB and 25 dB respectively. Assume that the input power in the lossless transmission line connected to the transmitting antenna is 20W, and antennas have a transmitting and receiving radiation efficiency of 60% and 94% respectively. The wave transmitted by the antenna is travelling in the outward radial direction along the + Z axis and right hand circular polarized is impinging upon a right handed circularly polarized antenna with a polarization unit vector given by (E_a ) ?=( (a_? ) ^-j(a_Ø ) ^) E(r,?,?). For this antenna system, find the power delivered to the load of the receiver. (15 marks)
Evaluate the directivity of an antenna with the normalized radiation intensity:
U(?,Ø)= {¦(cos?? sin? ;0 ? p/2; 0 Ø p/2@0, everywhere else )¦ (10 marks)

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