, asthma and air pollution in California

Topic research, asthma and air pollution in California

my part is only about methodology (like causes and more) of asthma and air pollution, 2 pages long and must be in APA format, including in-text citations and reference list, excluding title page and abstract (general orientation on APA format.

PAGE ONE: Title page will have title, name, and NU affiliation. (2 points)

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PAGE TWO: Abstract and Key Words will provide an overview of what you determined within your paper within 200-250 words, and have 5-7 keywords at the end of the abstract (10 points)


Introduction to the topic of choice (one to two paragraphs). (12 points)

Methods and Discussion section including the methods you used for your literature view and all applicable research information. (30 points)

Conclusion- summary of ove

rall research, quality, and potential recommendations you would (or would not) make regarding your environmental health topic. (10 points)

PAGE SEVEN: Reference page (include at least 10 references primarily from peer-reviewed journals). (15 points)

Quality of work: APA formatting, grammar, structure, effort, overall professionalism of paper. (15 points)

· Submission of Journal References in PDFs: All pdf journal references must be uploaded in electronic version and contain the following name format to receive

base on the PowerPoints that is attached, Grading Rubric:

full points:


Grading Rubric:

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