At what level do you feel you operate at? Where do you feel you want to operate at in ten years? How do you plan to develop the appropriate skills to get there?

At what level do you feel you operate? Where do you feel you want to operate in ten years?

 John Maxwell served as my mentor for a number of years. Pastor John outlined five tiers of authority: Position: People follow out of necessity. b. Permission – People who follow do so voluntarily. Production: People adhere to you because of what you have accomplished for the company. d. People Development: People support you because of the favors you have given them. People follow you because of who you are and what you stand for, which is the pinnacle. What level do you feel you operate at in class? Where do you think you’d like to work in ten years? How do you intend to acquire the necessary abilities to get there? Refer to this document: 5% Levels of Leadership – The Maxwell EBS ( What kind of companies often create improvements in efficiency? Why? 3. What part do long-term goals play in the enterprise’s ability to make wise strategic decisions? How do the differences between generic and grand strategies, as well as value disciplines, assist in creating competitive advantage?



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