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In this presentation, you are being asked to identify a theory from the materials for this week and to present that theory. This should be in your own words and in simple terms – do not use exact phrasing, complicated language, or specific examples from the book or notes. Rather, read about the theory, think about it, […]

Discussion And Proposal

Discuss in 250-300 words the characteristics of a research problem based on the given problem statement. Problem Statement The new communication technologies offered to community new ways of sharing ideas, experiences and opinions. The use of social media networks have statistically become the most preferred online communication tool since it appears to attract the rising […]


Insurer Analysis: Choice of Insurance Company: Select an insurance company that you are interested in. It should be one that has publicly available information, including annual financial statements. The company may be a personal or commercial-lines carrier. Format and Content of Written Report: The written report must be about 3-4 pages including cover page. The […]


Public speaking is different from conversation. Explain differences and similarities of these two types of speaking by addressing an issue from your personal life or from current events. NOTE: You may conduct research to complete any of these discussions (if you are still waiting on the book), using the Internet or other resources. Be certain to properly cite […]

Project 4: Develop The Training And Operations Plan

Instructions attached!!! Please use this template for the written portion (Microsoft Word) of Project 4.  Remember to address all items on the template in enough details that I can tell you understand the associated competency. Professor’s Notes: This week you are beginning to Develop a Training and Operations Plan for the BallotsOnline cloud.  Project 4 […]

QSO 300 Operations Management

  ***IMPORTANT NOTE*** The company selected for this case study is BYD Battery. BYD is a company that focuses solely on automobile batteries with their headquarters in Shenzhen, China. Overview: You will submit a sustaining operations case study analysis that will discuss the emerging concepts of sustainability in business management, specifically the topics of corporate responsibility and environmental […]

FIN 320 Principles Of Finance

Overview In preparation for your report in Project Two, you will need to calculate the financial ratios needed to determine your chosen business’s current financial health. Once you’ve calculated these ratios, the results will be used to analyze the business’s current financial position and help them make decisions about how to improve or maintain their […]

Case Study

   This week’s journal article focuses on attribution theory and how it influences the implementation of innovation technologies.  Two types of employee attributions are noted in the article (intentionality and deceptive intentionality), please review these concepts and answer the following questions: Provide a high-level overview/ summary of the case study Note how constructive intentionality impacts […]

SOCW Week 2 Discussion Post Responses – Generating Support For Evidence-Based Practices

  Discussion Post Responses Respond to two colleagues by doing all of the following: Identify      strengths of your colleagues’ analyses and areas in which the analyses      could be improved. Address      his or her evaluation of the efficacy and applicability of the      evidence-based practice, his or her identification of factors that could      support or hinder the implementation of the evidence-based practice, […]