Bad Web Design

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E-commerce, or the use of websites for the purchase and sale of products and services, is the focus of this topic. I want you to look online for a product you like (books, shoes, apparel, etc.). Visit as many websites as necessary to contrast excellent and poor website design. Choose a poorly designed website. then have a conversation about it on the forum.

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You may want to start by going to the following website: It offers excellent suggestions for what to do and not do on your website. Then, by Monday, find a website that you think is poorly designed. Any website can be an e-commerce site as long as it allows users to buy or sell goods through an on-site checkout process. Additionally, it must be an English-language U.S. website that buys or sells something.

Please refrain from making your purchase using Craigslist, E-Bay, Amazon, Etsy, Pinterest, or any other website that links to another website.

Also, kindly search the internet for something you’re interested in to locate a poor website rather than just visiting the real website,

Tell us about the product(s) you looked at and your areas of interest.
If you want to contrast or compare more than one website, post it here for debate and provide the URL of the site or sites.
Why do you think the website you’ve linked to is a bad example of web design? Use concepts from the “Terrible Design” website and be specific.
Discuss whether you think this site will impede the online experience.
Why does the business allow such a site to exist, and what does that say about it?
What are the first three issues you would address with this website? Don’t just state “the colors”; be specific. Tell us why you’re changing and to what other color scheme you might be moving, for instance.
If you don’t respond to all the questions above, you will lose points.

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