Bariatric surgery

Is bariatric surgery worth the medical risks short-term, long-term, and in comparison to other weight loss methods?  This is a research synthesis paper. Do not be biased in this paper until the conclusion. 1. The topic question must have a yes and a no side and balance coverage or each. 2. The 2 sides yes and no must match up according to 3 areas of comparison – each with a yes or no answer based on your research and supported with quotations and statistics. 3 The paper has to follow the preset nine paragraph organization: – Intro paragraph naming the topics, 2 sides, and 3 areas of debate. (The topic stated here is in the form of a question, not a statement of opinion. Do not be biased in this paper.) -History/scope paragraph giving a starting date to this issue and statistic measuring its size in the number of people affected. Both stats need ( ) in support. -Six body paragraphs that will cover the 3 areas of debate, 2 sides back and fourth, like an argument. Not half and half. The side that supports the conclusion comes second in each area. -A personal conclusion paragraph where as an expert, you step forward and give your opinion why the second side of the debate is stronger. (This is the place you can use “I” point of view, and the only place where the opinion is offered.)

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