Based on your readings, why did the United States lose the war in Vietnam?

Use this book to answer the following discussions: Zinn, Howard. A People’s History of the United States. NY: Harper-Collins, 2003. Plagarism free and number each discussion.   Discussion 1 How did the civil rights movement affect black Americans participation in the Vietnam War? Discussion 2 Why and how did veterans oppose the war in Vietnam? Discussion 3 Based on your readings, why did the United States lose the war in Vietnam? Respond to this in own opinion (Paige) The United States lost the War, because from thevery start there was heavy opposition to the War in Vietnam, and this opposition grew more and more as the war went on. There were many demonstrations against the war, people were destroying their draft cards, a middle aged man and an elderly women went as far as to set themselves on fire, giving up their lives in protest of the war. Soldiers participating in the war were even against it and had low morale, and some even refused to fight. During growing anti-war activity, president Nixon stated  “under no circumstance will I be affected whatever by it”, but nine years later, he admitted that the antiwar movement caused him to drop plans for an intensification of the war. Sending more troops into an already losing battle would just cause more United  States Casualties, more taxes, and “the growing disaffection accompanied as it certainly will be, by increased defiance of the draft and growing unrest in the cities because of the belief that we are neglecting domestic problems, runs great risks of provoking a domestic crisis of unprecedented proportions” (500). The United States realized that continuing and/or increasing American involvement in the heavily disliked war would cause bigger problems at home then it already was.  Vietnam troops were as committed as the United States was too not losing the war, and for this, there was no end in sight. There was an intense anti-military mood in the United States and this contributed heavily to the United States loosing the War. Finally please provide turn it in report thanks.

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