Battling Out Writer’s Block

The hardest part in essay writing isn’t actually choosing the best topic, but how to start writing. This holds true to students who are having difficulties in coming up with well-crafted essays. Not that you don’t have anything in mind to write about. You have a lot of inputs-ideas as well as facts and figures from a wide variety of resources to complement your piece of writing-but the problem is you don’t know how to start the ball from rolling. This phenomenon which involves partial loss of skill to begin writing is simply called the writer’s block.

Is there any game plan to prevent this enemy from attacking you whenever you have to submit essays to your teachers?

The good news is there are many methods to blocking your way out of the writer’s block! Here are some suggestions:

Motivate yourself. This is the basic requirement to keep you from working hard. Set goals why you have to finish an essay, like “I have to finish this so I could watch my favorite TV show later,” or “I have to finish this assignment three hours before my dinner date,” and so on. You may also place a picture of your movie idol, your school’s prom queen or sought-after basketball hunk on your worktable while scribbling anything. The bottom line is to be inspired-it may sound corny, but it really works!

Your initial draft isn’t perfect! Admit the fact that your first page will consist of mistakes. Just go with the flow and write, write, write.

Begin with five words. Whether it’s for the title of your essay or first paragraph, write five key words then develop sentences using them. Let your hand move so that your brain would function. And do not set limits as to the required number of words because it will change your point of view.

Do some rituals. Take a walk, take deep breaths and stretch your lungs, sweep the floor or get a glass of water. Physical activities will help to pep you up. You may also take a bath first before you start writing, as a clean body and fresh mind give fresh ideas!

Stay away from your computer. If you’ve been looking at your monitor for half an hour now and you haven’t written a single word yet, then it’s high time to shut down your PC. Grab a pen and paper and look for a place conducive to writing, like your garden where you could smell the sweet rose, hear the birds chirping, see the lush trees and feel the air. New environment can help you think and write better essays.

Do something “musical.” Listen to the CD of your favorite artist while writing an essay. But make sure that it would just serve as a background music or you might end up keeping your writing tools and just have sound-tripping until bedtime.

Lastly, think positive. Being able to recognize your strength requires a conscious effort. So believe that you can do it. Because before you knew it, you’ve already penned a very brilliant essay. Happy essay writing!

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