Beginning with the Gilded Age, how has art been a reflection of society? Describe and examine at least three examples you have encountered or examined in this course to support your conclusions.

how art has influenced America since the Gilded

Write a 1,400–1,750-word essay outlining how art has influenced America since the Gilded Age. Include the following in your discussion: How has art been a reflection of society since the Gilded Age? In order to substantiate your conclusions, provide at least three examples that you have come across or looked at during this course. How social justice movements in the 20th century challenged and changed American society through art how diversity has changed over the past century in the United States and its impact on the growth of the arts. What do you think about the current state of art, and how does it affect our lives? How might it develop or adapt to become more applicable to our lives? Format your work in accordance with the APA standards for your particular course level.

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