Behavior Change Project Order Description

This is for a class on personal wellness and health. Please discuss cardiovascular fitness in your writing.

This is an independent assignment that requires you to create a plan for improving your fitness habits. Students will be able to synthesize and apply the knowledge they have learned in this course through the completion of this project. Students will create a simple behavior change program specific to one fitness-related aspect of health, put it into action, and assess the results.
For this assignment, students must: 1. Based on personal preferences, select one aspect of fitness that is relevant to health (apart from body composition). 2. Create a plan for change that includes the following and uses the behavior change theory as a foundation (Chapters 1 and 6).
• A succinct description of the desired behavior and the reasons why a change is required (1 + 1 marks)
• An analysis of the desired behavior’s placement within the stages of change model (2 marks)
• Using the SMART model and the Basic Principles of Physical Training to identify goals and strategies (2 + 2 marks)
• A explanation of the program, including a monthly planner, FITT plan, and exercise schedule. (Tables 2+2+2 markings)
Following the creation of the strategy, its implementation must take place for at least two weeks.
• A succinct analysis of the implementation (2 points)
• A description of specific modifications to your strategy for change that will be made in the future (1 mark)
Timeline: For deadlines (topic confirmation and submission of the final report), follow your syllabus.
Confirming the topic (1 mark)
Bring a typed paragraph (using APA format) to class that identifies and describes your chosen health-related exercise component as well as your current target stage of development for the component in question.
Guidelines for submitting the final report and formatting (2 points)
• Topic (such as cardiovascular endurance) and name on the title page.
• A copy of the PAR-Q & YOU questionnaire (Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology) that has been completed.
• The report itself (maximum of 1000 words)
• Reference page (if utilizing sources other your textbook and class notes)
• Use Times New Roman 12 point type, double-spaced pages, and the APA formatting guidelines.
• The assignment’s grammar, structure, and presentation will all be taken into consideration when evaluating the work.
1. Your plan’s development, analysis, and reflection will not be the only factors used to determine if it was successful or unsuccessful. To enable for plan implementation, please create your plan as soon as feasible and establish your goals.
2. The substance of your final report must adhere to the chosen subject.
3. Consult your syllabus for details on arrangements for delayed completion.


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