Behaviour change project
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This is for a personal health and wellbeing class Please write about Cardiorespitatory fitness

This is an individual assignment consisting of writing a plan for positive behavior change with regard to exercise. The purpose of this assignment is to allow students to synthesize and apply the acquired knowledge from this course. Specifically, students will design a basic behavior change program pertaining to one health- related fitness component and then implement this plan and evaluate its results.
For this assignment students will:
1. Based on individual preferences choose one health-related fitness component (except body composition). 2. Using the behaviour change theory as a basis for your plan (Chapters 1 & 6) and write up a plan for change to include the following:
• A brief overview of the target behaviour and why should the change necessary (1 + 1 marks)
• A discussion of where the target behavior falls within the Stages of Change Model (2 marks)
• Identification of goals and strategies using the SMART model and the Basic Principles of Physical
Training (2 + 2 marks)
• A program description: workout routine, FITT plan, & a monthly planner (tables 2+2+2 marks)
Once the plan is formulated, a minimum of 2 weeks plan implementation is required to be followed by
• A brief reflection on the implementation (2 marks)
• A discussion of specific future changes to maintain/modify your plan for change (1 mark)
Timeline: consult your syllabus for deadlines (topic confirmation & final report submission)
Topic Confirmation (1 mark)
Bring to class a typed paragraph that will identify & describe both your health-related fitness component of choice and your current target stage of change for the above fitness component (follow the APA style).
Final report submission & formatting guidelines (2 marks)
• Title page: name, student ID, and topic (e.g. Cardiovascular endurance)
• A photocopy of the completed PAR-Q & YOU questionnaire (Canadian Society for Exercise
• The actual report (max. 1000 words)
• Reference page (if using other sources in addition to your class notes and textbook)
• Follow the APA style (double-spaced pages, 1 inch margins, Times New Roman, 12 point font)
• Grammar, structure, and presentation of the assignment will be used in the evaluation as well
1. You will not be evaluated on the success or failure of your plan only on its development, analysis, and reflection. Please design your plan and set your goals as soon as possible to allow for plan implementation.
2. Your final report content must coincide with the confirmed topic.
3. For delayed completion arrangements refer to your syllabus.

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