Bellamora Review

Bellamora International Group is a new network marketing opportunity currently in pre-launch promoting health and wellness products. This is a review for individuals interested in starting their own home based business and are considering joining this opportunity.

The company was founded by Dr. Bruce Miller who developed a unique line of skin care products more than 20 years ago. Company promotional material claims the products are the top skin care line in network marketing history. Along with Dr. Bruce Miller, Bellamora International Group is backed by a group of experienced network marketers.

The product line consists of quality consumable skin care moisturizers, collagen creams, skin renewal exfoliants, and anti-oxidant rich multivitamins toner products. The line is promoted by the company as containing advanced ingredients, innovative scientific discovery, as well as being pure and safe. These skin care products are based on the research by Dr. Bruce Miller who has developed a patented burn care cream that is approved by the FDA.

During pre-launch there is no fee to join as a distributor, however an order must be place and auto ship is required each month. Distributors can order individual items or choose from packages costing from $199 up to $499. Currently new distributors receive free samples of the product to try or hand out to others for promotion.

The compensation structure is common in network marketing as it provides incentives for starting out as well as longer term. There are fast start bonuses and retail sales profits to provide compensation in the beginning stages of building a sales team. As well, there is potential to earn residual income that comes with maintaining and providing leadership to a large team of distributors and customers. It is very important to study and understand the compensation plan of any company before deciding to join.

Bellamora International Group is a legitimate network marketing opportunity promoting quality health and wellness products. It has potential to be a lucrative business and there is an advantage for those who jump on board early. However the vast majority of people who join will fail to make any significant income, which is common in any company in the industry. To be successful in network marketing requires considerable time and effort, as well as an effective method of producing a steady stream of leads and the ability to maintain a large sales team. Successful network marketers have the skills to brand and promote their businesses online, and generate large numbers of new leads to overcome the high attrition rate common in the industry.

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