Benchmark Evaluation: i) In this project, you are given a real-world issue that is articulated in an emotionally charged letter that expresses shock and worry about the curricula offered at your school. Resource 3: Letter from a Very Concerned Person
i) In this assignment, you are given a real-world issue that is addressed in the form of a letter that is quite emotive and conveys disappointment and worry about the curricula offered at your school. The letter can be found in the course resources section under Resource 3: Letter from a Very Concerned American Parent.
ii) Response from the District to the Superintendent’s Signature
(1) The explosive nature of the parent letter prompted you, as the principal, to decide to consult the district superintendent for guidance. The district superintendent then requested that you draft a formal response letter for his signature.
(2) Write the letter, referencing the relevant ISLLC Standards, and include the recipient’s address, the date, a salutation, the letter’s body, and a close. This is a conventional business letter.
(3) While using APA format is not needed, it is assumed that you have strong writing abilities.
iii) Reflective Justification Essay (1) Write a 1750–2000 word essay in which you explain why you said what you did in the parent-response letter. Focus your conversation on the relevant ISLLC criteria. Consider the following and respond carefully.
(a) How did you feel after reading your parents’ letter? Be truthful in your reply.
(b) How does this matter relate to the structure and alignment of a school’s academic curriculum for all students?
(c) Has this district gone too far, or does the curriculum adequately support the requirement to prioritize the welfare of all kids in a multicultural setting? Describe and expand.
(d) In light of the parents’ letter, are there any curriculum adjustments required?
(f) Does the parents’ letter convey a larger message? If so, what is it, and was it addressed in your letter of response? If not, why not?
(f) It is clear from this parent’s desire that you reply to his community’s comments. How can you handle this in a way that demonstrates your ability to reach an agreement and mediate conflicts while also repairing the connection between the district and the parent?
(g) What kind of response might you anticipate from the parent when they get your letter? Predict the response and consider what you might have to say in response.
(2) Write your essay using the typical APA structure, which includes a title page, an introduction, and a conclusion. A summary is necessary. Cite sources both in-text and in the References area.

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