BIM (Building Information Modelling) Implementation Challenges: Legal and Contractual Issues

Order Description
Introduction and conclusion are NOT required. The paper requires the following please.
Body of the paper:
1) what is BIM and its international trends (1/2 page)
2) BIM implementation challenges (1/2 page)
e.g. lack of awareness, cost of software, lack of internally accepted standards, etc
3) Legal and contractual issues (main section) (4 pages)
e.g. contractual frameworks reference to risk allocation, Liabilities of project team, different responsibilities including design responsibilities, Insurances professional indemnity, BIM software licence, copyright and intellectual property rights various elements (e.g.ownership of data and BIM model)
4. Potential solutions (1 page)
e.g. use of BIM protocols (state brief about current ones), amendments to standard form of contracts (state reference to FIDIC/NEC clauses as examples), define legal & contractual relationships for existing procurement methods to BIM integration
References (Harvard referencing style)
Research Journal Papers (10 no mini) for contractual and legal section

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