BIO 101/102 General Term Paper and PowerPoint Requirements

Online Lab Procedure for BI 101

Isle Royale Lab 3

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Learning Intentions

You will be able to: Describe carrying capacity and how it relates to logistic growth by the end of this lab. Discuss the cycles of prey and predator. Recognise the potential effects of changing the growing season on all creatures within a habitat.

Additional materials are required:

The Week 3 “Research and Report” component of the Moodle course contains the resources listed below. Lab Three Report: Utilise the report to discuss your critical thinking skills and to respond to some questions.

knowledge about the software. When finished, submit using Moodle’s submission page.


You must have registered the SimUText programme that you downloaded at the start of the term in order to complete this lab. If you have not previously done so, make sure to do this early in the week. It is essential that you fix any issues with the registration number listed in the ‘Technology Resources’ section of the course Moodle page by Friday afternoon if you are having trouble registering because SimUText customer service may only be available during regular business hours. Due to technical issues or a lack of planning with the software registration, late applications will not be accepted.


1. Open the SimUText programme. Decide on “LAB: Isle Royale”.

2. The simulation is divided into 6 portions. By pressing the “Next Page” navigation button at the bottom of the simulation screen, you will progress through sections 1 through 3 in order. You must finish all three practise portions in order to obtain full credit for this lab.

3. Complete the portions that have been assigned while responding to the questions in the lab report. Don’t get too caught up in the arithmetic used in the simulation; all that is needed is that you have a solid grasp of logistic growth. You don’t need to comprehend the logistic growth equation in great detail. If you are having trouble understanding the idea, you might find it beneficial to go over the practise module on population growth models.

4. The “An Extended Exploration: The t-Test” section of the textbook is outside the purview of this course and can be quite difficult for those without a background in statistics. This exercise is optional for you to complete.

5. “Isle Royale Playground” Section 5 offers the chance to explore any more questions you may have about this exercise, so feel free to experiment! Section 5 does not contain any specific questions or connections to topics in the lab report.

6. Choose “Section 6: Graded Questions” from the pull-down menu that lists all the sections in the simulation. All of these questions must be answered before hitting submit. Make sure you have a firm grasp of the simulations before tackling this portion because, unlike the practise questions in earlier sections, the “correctness” of these questions will affect your mark. If you need to review your answers, you can switch back and forth between sections to see them.

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