Sexual Harassment Case Scenarios

Decide whether sexual harassment took place in each of the following scenarios, whether it was mild, moderate, or severe, what the “perpetrator” could have done better, and what the “victim” could do to address the issue or prospective issue. A: 1 through 6. Just a quick explanation of the subject below.

1. Your college professor is a cheerful, outgoing individual who enjoys making compassionate physical contact with others. She is well-liked by her students, touches many of them on the shoulder as she works with them, and gives warm hugs to former pupils who return to see her. She is astonished when the Dean summons her to his office after twenty years because a previous pupil has claimed that she made the office hostile to her, which is why the pupil received a low grade in the class.
2. A female student has requested that a male student stop complimenting her and inviting her out on dates. She hasn’t moved from her seat, so he is still sitting next to her. He continues to look at her for the majority of each class but has ceased conversing with her.
3. A teacher becomes aware of one of his pupils having feelings for him. They are both adults, and she has made it apparent that she wants to date him when they speak after class. He offers to get together with her to work on improving her recent decline in academic standing. His passion for her overpowers him during a tutoring session, and he convinces her to have sex with him by assuring her that it won’t affect her grade. She received a “C” in the subject.
4. Every day, a gorgeous woman passes by the building site while the worker whistles and cheers. The woman constantly speeds up to pass the building as quickly as possible, but every so often, she cracks a small smile that seems to indicate she likes being thought of as pretty. The coworker pokes him and warns that he might expose the business to a sexual harassment lawsuit, but the employee doesn’t believe it’s likely to happen. He keeps blowing his whistle and cheering at attractive women.
5. A male employee is asked out to dinner by a female coworker. He claims he does not wish to travel. If the male declines her invitation, the lady threatens to report him for sexual harassment to their supervisor.
6. Describe the campus’s policy on sexual harassment and the steps students can take if they feel they are a victim of it.


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