Birds of Canada Bank Note Series

The fifth Canadian bank notes series was the Birds of Canada series released in 1986. Using intaglio printing, the Bank of Canada made the bank notes with bigger portraits on the front. On the reverse of the note was a picture of a bird that could be found in Canada, but the bird had to go with the color of the note. The $20, $50 and $100 notes were printed with new security features to prevent counterfeiting. These features include:

1.) An Optical Security Device in the left-hand corner of the bill which changes colors when light hit it a certain way.

2.) Green dots on the bill when under a UV light glow blue. Trying to get rid of these dots will damage the bill.

3.) The large numbers and portrait on the note have raised ink that feels thicker.

The other big change in this series was that no $1 note was printed. This is because the $1 note and later the $2 note were replaced by more enduring coins, the Loonie and the Twoonie. The $1 and $2 banknotes are still considered legal tender, but they have slowly been taken out of circulation. In 2000, the $1000 bill was retired to help prevent organized crime and money laundering.

Each of the Birds of Canada banknotes had a different bird on the back of it, they are as follow:

The $2 note had Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse and on the reverse were robins.

The $5 banknote pictured Sir Wilfred Laurier (he was prime minster from 1896-1911)on the front with the Belted Kingfisher bird on the back.

The $10 bank note showed the portrait of Canada’s first prime minister, Sir John A. Macdonald, who served from 1867-1873 and again from 1878-1891, on the front and an Osprey on the reverse.

The $20 Birds of Canada note pictured the Common Loon on the back and Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse.

The $50 Birds of Canada bill has a Snowy Owl on the back and former Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King (he served from 1921 until 1930 and then again in1935 to 1943) was portraid on the front.

The $100 note showed the Canadian Goose on the reverse and on the obverse was Sir Robert Borden (prime minister from 1911 until 1920).

The $1000 Birds of Canada banknote pictured Queen Elizabeth II on the front and Pine Grosbeaks on the back.

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