Book Report on Loving each other by Leo Buscaglia

Leo Buscaglia undertakes an in-depth study of loving relationships in his 1986 book titled Loving Each Other: The Challenge of Human Relationships. The study follows an increasing trend of broken relationships and loneliness among people. The answers sought by Buscaglia are how to form loving relationships as well as nurture them to grow. In addressing […]

Exploring the Catholic Theological Tradition

  Section One Meditating upon Luke 24: 13-35 has been an extraordinary experience. During the first occasion, I had some difficulties concentrating. However, gradually as I thought about the passage, I was able to enter into meditation. I lost awareness of my surrounding environment and I felt relaxed. My focus shifted to this day when […]

Classical and Contemporary Liberal Views

  Introduction All liberals desire to promote the liberties of all individuals. This is the common goal that has united liberals since the establishment of capitalism in the 18th century. However, during the industrial revolution, several issues came to light that left the liberals divided. It became apparent that a free society without enough intervention […]

Leadership Styles

  As the fearless Nelson Mandela said, a leader possesses the character of a shepherd. He remains behind his followers and allows the strongest members to go ahead of the others without realizing that a leader is directing them from behind. In other words, leadership is a collective activity in which the leader natures a […]

Nuclear Medicine

  Introduction There has been much advancement in medicine, as health professionals continue to work to cure the ever-threatening list of ailments and conditions, some of which are fatal. Effective medical technologies such as robotic surgery, 3-D printing, artificial organs, and nuclear medicine have been introduced. While it is a fairly new practice, nuclear medicine […]

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