Coursework Brief 2015-16


The coursework includes a personal reflection task (50%). The word count will be capped at 2000, with the bibliography not included. Appendices are not allowed. To reflect on your own consumer experience in regard to the issue and make decisions that are important for marketing strategy, you will perform a thorough literature review of a specialist subject.
Utilizing the framework for consumer decision-making and theories of consumer behavior, assess a purchase you have made. Please use theory analytically and give reasons for your chosen area of focus in relation to the consumer decision-making process.
To be the subject of your project, you are free to select any good or service. The emphasis of your essay (and thus, word count) should be suitably distributed throughout the stages of the Consumer Decision Making Process Framework, depending on the product or service you have chosen. It is crucial to carry out additional theoretical research in essential areas and to evaluate the branding and marketing communications of the chosen commodity or service.

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Understanding and knowledge of theory
When presenting the product or service’s marketing plan, you must show that you have knowledge of and a grasp of consumer behavior. Candidates must be able to explain their comprehension of the fundamental theories underlying consumer behavior as well as how businesses actually use these theories to inform their marketing strategies. The strength and coherence of the arguments made will be evaluated in part. Candidates are expected to use academic sources in addition to those listed in the module’s reading list and description.
Application of Theory in Practice
You must show that you have thoughtfully and practically applied the pertinent theories to the selected good or service. Candidates must demonstrate their knowledge of the positioning of the products and services they are applying for as well as the marketing strategies used to promote those products and services. It is important to identify the stages of the consumer decision-making process and analyze the pertinent psychological concepts.

The following evaluation pyramid and Aston University’s standard assessment criteria will be used to grade all assessments:

starting sequentially at the lowest level;
Knowledge: memorizing facts, keeping in mind data, but perhaps not fully comprehending it
Comprehension: paraphrasing, reiterating, summarizing, and translating
Application is the process of putting knowledge to use in a practical setting to address issues. recognizing connections and interactions and the context in which they operate. using fresh information.
Analyzing links between constructions and ideas, recognizing components, and figuring out how they go together
Synthesis It takes imagination and uniqueness to put knowledge together to create a distinctive line of reasoning. examining the connections between the constructions
making decisions while taking into account opposing viewpoints, displaying critical thinking, and making strategic comparisons.
Identifying themes
Overall understanding and knowledge of theory
specialized research on complex subjects
influence on consumer decision-making
investigation of communications
Creativeness and Presentation
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