BMO 0207 Resourcing and Talent Management – MSc SHRM, IHRM,

You have been newly appointed to the role of HR Manager within Barnie’s Burgers, a ‘mid-end’ high street national restaurant chain of 40 units.

The organisation has recently been facing a number of challenges and the board is concerned about the value that the Resourcing and Talent Management function currently adds to the organisation.

Current Recruitment and Selection Processes

Vacancies are currently advertised online, on Gumtree and Indeed, the job centre and historically the company has used recruitment agencies with limited success.  The company intranet has also been a popular medium for internal candidates. There is little internal succession or active talent management.

Selection has mainly been a relatively short process, managers have tended to use non-structured interviews and references are taken on an ad-hoc basis.


Examples of Job Roles

Chef – this role involves preparing, cooking and presenting food in line with required standards, making sure that food is served promptly, monitoring food production to ensure consistent quality and portion size, stock control and following relevant hygiene, health and safety guidelines.

Assistant Manager – this role involves managing the daily restaurant operations, including supporting selection, development and performance management of employees. In addition, the Assistant Manager oversees the inventory and ordering of food and supplies, optimizes profits and ensure customers are satisfied with their dining experience. The Assistant Manager reports to the General Manager.



HR Planning and turnover situation

Staff turnover is extremely high (circa 80%) with many new starters leaving within the first 3 months of employment. Anecdotally leavers comment that the job they are employed for is different to how it was described at interview, with restaurant staff unhappy about the long hours they are expected to work. 

Due to the competitive nature of the industry, recently 3 loss-making restaurants have been highlighted for potential closure which will likely result in a redundancy situation.  There have also been dismissals in some ‘hot spot’ restaurants, leaving critical operational roles unfilled at short notice.

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