Book Marketing, 5 Powerful Strategies

There are many tools that you can use to market your book both online and offline. To offer benefit to all self published authors and those that are looking to self publish, this article will address both.

Offline Book Marketing:

Write an article. No matter what industry you are in, from pet care to astrophysics, there is a publication for you. In fact there are probably numerous publications. Choose one or two that relate to your book’s topic and offer to write an article for them. Make sure to include your name, your book’s title, and your website address in your bio or author signature at the bottom of your article.

Give a free workshop. Just like there are an abundance of periodicals relevant to your book’s topic. There are likely an abundance of organizations and special interest groups. Offer to speak on a subject that offers particular benefit to your readers and target market. Don’t forget to bring your book or if blatant self promotion isn’t allowed, then bring your business card printed with a coupon for 10% off of your book and hand them out.

Direct Mail. Direct mail doesn’t have to be the typical junk mail that we all receive in our mailbox daily. A simple postcard announcement sent to everyone you know, have done business with, or that has expressed an interest in your book’s topic will do the trick. You can also place a special offer on the postcard, a discount or coupon to encourage purchases.

Online Book Marketing

Forums and Message Boards. If you don’t already belong to a few forums on your book’s topic, search the internet and find a few. Research the forums to make sure that they’re relevant, well monitored, and that you’re able to have a signature should you post any comments. If you can’t have a signature then it may be wise to find a different forum. Part of the reason to register is to be able to passively market your expertise and your book. Once you’ve found a forum or two, register and participate. Help people with your knowledge. Don’t blatantly sell, that will get you kicked out of the club. Let your expertise do your selling and your forum signature do your marketing. (Of course make sure that your signature has your name, book’s title, and website in it.)

Newsletter and email marketing. Encourage website visitors to sign up for your regular newsletter. Use each newsletter to provide your potential customers with valuable information as well as special offers, announcements, and testimonials or case studies related to your book’s information.

There are an abundance of fun tools and strategies to market your book both online and offline. Your imagination is the only limit let it soar and see how many books you can sell!

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