Book Review Format
For the four book reviews follow this general guideline when writing again these are short do not write any more than 3 pages double spaced. You do not have to use up all three pages. Quality of content is always more important than quantity.
First Section Brief Review of the Book:
Here all I want is a general outline of the book you read. Tell me the main issue the author is exploring [because this is a criminal justice course it will always be an issue of crime so what type of crime]. Discuss who the main individuals/organizations the book is analyzing are. Discuss the major findings or case outcomes the book discusses. Finally, your opinion of the book.
Second Section Implications for Public Policy:
The major theme of this course is that many academics who study crime (criminology) and public officials (criminal justice practitioners) believe people need to be controlled [remember the assumption of human behavior here is we are all hedonistic, selfish, pleasure maximizing individuals] by family, friends, schools, employers, police and courts [e.g. informal and formal agencies]. Academics focus more on informal controls while policy makers generally focus on formal control through law. Thus public policy in regards to crime always seems to be in the way of a new get tough on crime bill, increased police presence and the like. Public policy = control through law.
The books you read this semester will question this idea of control through law. Thus what you need to write in this section is a description of how the book you read questions the idea of control through law be specific [e.g. how does the local culture in Our Guys influence and even undermine law talk about families/friends of athletes, police department and the like]. Discuss for each book if you believe control through law can ever be achieved or if it should be achieved. What are the pros and cons to either approach as demonstrated by the book (e.g. if you believe control through law is undesirable look at how culture influenced the outcome of our guys is the outcome a pro/con of that belief?)

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