Brand Plan of . Fashion industry

Brand Plan for Assessment 3 Assessment Type Proposal or Plan Description Example of purpose: This assignment’s goal is to evaluate students’ understanding of discipline theory, models, and concepts as well as their proficiency in applying them, as well as their knowledge and skill specialization within that discipline.
Example of a description: Students evaluate theories in the subject of global marketing by using their understanding of the discipline’s theories, models, and ideas.
A major worldwide corporation has asked you to give a report on a new brand that they want to expand, develop, and advertise in a certain geographic area.

1. The fashion sector

Within each of the three product categories, this company intends to create or expand a new brand. You must submit a brand plan that covers the next 12 months. All of the organization’s brand development and marketing strategies will require counsel and justification. Any assumptions you make must be spelled out in detail, and you must use scholarly research to back up and/or defend your claims. Your debate won’t have credibility if you make unsupported claims (marking schedule on Blackboard).
40% weighting
3000 words total (not including the executive summary)

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