Breast cancer education (development and assessment)

Order Description Subject Awareness of breast cancer
My research focuses on developing awareness campaigns for breast cancer patients in Saudi Arabia.
The following should be included in the outline:
• Letter response (see assignment sample and the letter I created)
• Introduction, background (should include information like epidemiology evidence from Saudi Arabia and other countries), and goal Programs to raise awareness of breast cancer and why they are crucial
Planning is aided by identifying needs, priorities, and the target audience.
• Working partnerships; cost, location, duration, and delivery; evaluation and the programs’ influence on long-term health gain; framework for health promotion; health models (such as the social ecology model and the health belief model);
• In summary
Please take note of the significance of social marketing for program development.
Formative Evaluation
Part 1:
Students are required to compose a 250–300 word letter addressed to a health promotion specialist while pretending to be a local manager. In order to fulfill a locally acknowledged need, it should solicit information and guidance on how a health promotion initiative might be carried out. Based on their own areas of interest, students can decide on the manager’s professional function and the locally defined needs. Students will be able to reflect on where they are right now and understand how this module has aided in their personal development if they write this letter using their current knowledge and attitudes.
Summative Evaluation
The formal 3,500-word answer to the letter by the health promotion professional serves as the summative assignment. The solution should offer a thorough program for health promotion that is specially created to meet the recognized need. All recommendations should have a strong justification, and all counsel should be based on a rigorous analysis of the body of literature and the body of evidence. The student, acting as the health promotion specialist, writes the letter in the first person.
To pass the module, you need a mark of at least 50%.

Since you are responding to a letter with a letter, you should begin your introduction with some polite and succinct niceties, such as “Dear Sir/Madam, thank you for your letter in which you requested my advice regarding…” More importantly, your introduction should explain to the reader your goals and reasons for writing as well as the manner in which you want to organize the remainder of the letter (using subheadings) in order to address the many concerns and elements connected to the health promotion activity you are urging.
Primary text
The following information should be included in this section:
• An analysis of audit data and research material that is critical in nature and pertinent to the managers’ letter’s need for health promotion. In order to persuade the management that you are knowledgeable about this particular subject and are aware of the numerous intricate difficulties involved, do this.
A series of advice to make sure that any intervention: • o Is completely prepared in advance and the plans are made to achieve specific aims
o Considers the duration, location, cost, and delivery of the initiative o Recognizes potential barriers to success and identifies potential contingency measures o Will be properly ad hoc o Recognizes how policies at the micro, meso, and macro level of society need to be considered and developed together so to promote health public policy o
For every suggestion you make, evidence must be included based on pertinent literature. Keep in mind that your goal in writing is to persuade the manager that your counsel is sound, supported by research, logical, and of the highest caliber. If you can’t persuade the boss, your advice might not be taken, and the intervention might never happen. Your final grade will be based on how thorough, inclusive, and compelling your approach was, according to the managers who will be marking your assignment.
You should now kindly conclude your letter by briefly reminding the manager of the significance of properly organizing, carrying out, and analyzing health promotion actions. Do not write your name after adding “Yours sincerely” to the end. Note that this assignment will receive an anonymous grade.
Reference list Although a reference list is typically not included in a letter, it is crucial to do so in this case so the manager can see the literature sources you have cited to support and defend your recommendations. Please make sure that all references are accurate and formatted according to APA because the manager might wish to access and read any of the literature you’ve mentioned.

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