Brief description of current products/services,geographic markets, and production/service facilities.

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS PROJECT: Assessment 3: Market Entry Report (30%)
The International Business Project aims to engage students in learning activities where they will apply knowledge gained
during the course, and in so doing, work to achieve the learning outcomes. Students must identify and work with a local
company (agreed with lecturer) that could expand outside the UAE in terms of globalisation of markets and potential
globalisation of production.
 Each student mustchoose ONE local company (each student must work with a different company).
 Each student must choose ONE country for potential expansion (either from Assessment 1, or any other country).
 Students should view themselves as International Business Consultants, preparing a report for the company.
 Students should interview company representatives where possible, or otherwise secure accurate company facts.
Students must produce an Individual report of 1,500 words, including the following elements:
 Cover Page & Table of Contents
1. Introduction
o The purpose of the report (explainthe context of the report, why it has been written)
o The main contents of the report (a clear summary of the report findings)
2. Company Background
o Brief overview of the company
o Brief description of current products/services,geographic markets, and production/service facilities.
3. Country and Market Analysis: (LO 4&5.3, LO1, LO3.2). Analyse the suitability of your chosen country into which the
company might expand. The analysis should include 10 factors,of most relevance to the business type and the
country, across the following factors:
o External factors that make the market attractive (e.g. political stability, free market systems, inflation rates, private sector
debt, corruption levels)
o Customer/Competitor based factors that make the market attractive (e.g. Product/service availability to meet consumer
needs, level of existing competition, efficiency and value of existing competitors)
o Industry and Business related factors (e.g. Trade barriers, suitable labour force availability, Business core competences, Rate of
expansion required/company strategy, Transport costs, Costs of establishment/EoS, Level of centralised control required)
– Determine a score for the suitability/attractiveness of each factor (e.g. 7/10) and include a written justification
with references for each factor score.
– A weighting of relevance of each factor for the chosen company should be included, with justification.
(The information gathered for Assignment 1 may be used here, or students may use a different country.)
4. Marketing mix & Staffing policy
o Formulate a brief marketing mix for the company in the new market noting the need for Standardisation vs.
Local Responsiveness (refer to Product/Service features, Place/Distribution strategy, Promotion strategy; Pricing
strategy) (LO3.3).
o Identify and justify which HRM staffing policy the company should use (LO3.4).
5. Market Entry Strategy (LO4&5.3)
o Evaluate the potential suitability (advantages/disadvantages) of each of the six Entry Modes specifically for this
o Recommend& justify the best entry mode(s) for this company.
 References
The report must be uploaded via SafeAssign as a single document and in full, including cover page, table of contents,
main report body, references, and any appendices. Marking will be based on the uploaded document. File names
must be “Section Number_StudentName_Company Name.docx”.
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