Briefly outline the legal responsibilities that employers have to ensure a safe workplace b. Define the term ‘safety climate (drawing on appropriate academic literature)



This is the case study that your group will handle, and it will be presented to the Board of Directors as both a group report and a class presentation. For information on these two assignments, see Subject Outline.
The CEO of Sopranos Smallgoods has recruited you and your team of advisors to offer some theoretically sound and realistic recommendations. The Soprano family of farmers and butchers had a passion to offer the Australian public the highest quality meat, cured using traditional Italian recipes, when they first opened their doors in 1920. The Sopranos were a significant small goods provider to the Australian market in 2015. Traditional Italian salami, ham, bacon, and smallgoods are all included in the product line. The business operates out of cutting-edge facilities in Bundoora, Victoria, and employs over 250 people. The organization of the corporation is fairly flat, with the CEO reporting to a Board of Directors made up of Soprano family members. Every department has a manager, and the production department has supervisors who are responsible for overseeing the employees on the manufacturing line.
In a recent independent health and safety inquiry, the auditor discovered “multiple instances of front-line staff engaging in careless safety practices” and “a poor attitude toward safety among front-line staff, supervisors, and middle management.” The auditor did, however, compliment senior management for their overall dedication to employee safety, but they discovered that “this has not translated into safe working practices on the factory floor.” The auditor gave several examples of risky behaviors he saw on the production line, such as employees reaching into mincers to clear obstructions while the mincer was in operation, poor manual handling techniques, employees not wearing personal protective equipment, risky forklift use, improper storage of tools like knives, and safety barriers on machines being removed to speed up production. The auditor recommended that Soprano Smallgoods “work toward developing a climate of safety within the organization” in his recommendations.
The CEO, Vincenzo Soprano, is worried about the security of his employees. He bemoaned that “it’s only a matter of time” before someone suffers a major injury or passes away on the factory floor in a private meeting. What should I do? We follow sound protocols. The safety of the factory has cost a lot of money to ensure. However, I am unable to force managers and staff members to adhere to our safety policies since I am unable to constantly monitor them.
You have been hired by Vincenzo to develop five suggestions on how he may foster a “safety climate” at Sopranos Small Goods. He has requested a thorough report so he may present it to the board of directors. The report should: a. briefly describe employers’ legal obligations to maintain a safe workplace; b. define the phrase “safety climate” (using relevant scholarly research);
c. Using relevant academic literature, discuss how a safety climate can help employees behave more safely.
b. List the five suggestions Sopranos should follow to enhance the organization’s safety culture. Several HRM processes, such as performance management, rewards, learning and development, hiring, and job design, may be included in these recommendations. An explanation of how each suggestion will result in better safety behaviors should be given for each one.
In the text of your report, all cited references must be included. Add a separate reference section with the complete citation details. Observe the Academy of Management Journal’s style requirements. Please take note that this assignment does not accept sources from Wikipedia or other comparable websites.
Standard margins must be used on all sides, and your report must be typed. The best spacing is two spaces.
Your report must be written in a neat, professional, and interesting style. Verify the spelling, grammar, and punctuation in your text. Use natural transitions to go from one idea to the next and to separate sections of your essay. If you want to improve your writing, KOI offers a wealth of materials. If you want assistance, please contact your tutor or the subject coordinator.
Please keep in mind that the college views plagiarism extremely seriously, and you are strongly encouraged to study the academic integrity regulations on the Moodle website. Please be advised that plagiarism constitutes significant academic misconduct and will result in consequences. Software for detecting and preventing plagiarism, such as Turnitin, is used to help spot potential instances of plagiarism in written assignments.


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