BSBLDR501-­-DEVELOP AND USE EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE Task 1 requires the Learner to demonstrate their knowledge of typical activities experienced in the management and leadership field of work.



The learner must demonstrate their understanding of common tasks encountered in the management and leadership fields of employment in Task 1. Answer the following questions on your own paper, putting your name and group identification at the top and the question number underneath your response, to help you accomplish this.
1a: Describe the concepts and techniques of emotional intelligence.
1b: Describe the connection between the achievement of company goals and the presence of emotionally effective employees.
1c: Describe how you interact with a diverse workforce that uses different emotional displays depending on their culture.
1d: Describe how emotional intelligence is used in the context of developing professional connections.
Please send your assessor copies of any documents you refer to.
Task 1: Theory Questions with Short Answers
Develop and apply emotional intelligence (BSBLDR501).
The project’s second task is to identify personal behaviors.
You must complete Task 2 by: • recognizing your own emotional strengths, weaknesses, stressors, emotional moods, and triggers; and • getting input from others.
• Encourage the growth of emotional intelligence in others by recognizing and responding to their emotional states.
To do this, you must keep a journal that serves as a daily record of your emotional strengths, weaknesses, feelings, and the triggers that sent your emotions into a spiral.
• Every day, you must share at least five experiences from both your professional and personal lives.
• You must keep your journal for at least 30 days.
• You must include the following details for each experience: the physical location (where you were), the context (what happened), the type of strength or weakness you displayed in this circumstance, and the trigger (what occurred that set you off).
• Your reaction
• Your emotional condition (how you felt in the circumstances); • Any criticism you could have gotten.
• This data can be diagrammed or charted as you see fit.


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