BUAD625 Morgan State University Baltimore Report

The first learning integration assignment is based on the following two readings from Week 3, “Followership.”

  1. Rosenbach, Pittman, & Potter III: What Makes a Follower?
  2. Crossman and Crossman (2011): Conceptualizing Followership: A Review of Literature

The assignment is in the form of a written report and no more than 1500 words, double spaced, 12 font size.

Include in your submission with clear headings:

  • Summary of each reading with reading title clearly identified
  • Explain how each reading links with the other readings assigned for the week.
  • Provide a real and current example of the subject(s) discussed in the reading from your experience, observation, or other published source (you MUST reference the published source using APA style guide).
  • Your main take-away from these readings and how you plan to apply your understanding in future situation.


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