BUS322 Kaplan College Conflict and Negotiation on the Job Case Scenario

Topic: Conflict and Negotiation on the Job

Scenario (fictional): The SMQ company CEO has received various reports from some directors and other managers and employees that the president’s leadership style is a transactional one and just is not motivating employees to perform at their best. Using the reading on leadership, the negotiation steps in the Reading area, and conflict resolution reading, negotiate with the president to change to a better leadership style.


  • Your 1st post will be as the CEO and your 2nd post will be as the president.
  • As the CEO (1st post) make sure to suggest an alternate leadership style.

Just do response each posted # 1 to 3 down below only

Posted 1

  • CEO 1st Post

You have been a great asset to the company and have assisted us in many success. We appreciate everything you have contributed to the company. I have received a letter informing me that SQM is experiencing some changes in our workforce, we have had an increase in our turnover, and employees are demotivate. Our workforce is the bread and butter of this company and they are pillars that keep this company standing. We need to put this matter as a priority and investigate it before it gets worse. I spoke to some of our employees and they have informed me that the culture of the company has change, and leadership has been focusing on the profitability of the company and not has been putting a toll on the workforce. Most has been feeling that they cannot make any mistake and is afraid to make a mistake and they are not receptive to a transactional type of leadership. It is not the leadership they are motivated by to do their best. We need to fix this and we need to rebuild the culture and moral within the workforce. I will personally advise you to switch up your leadership and adopt the transformational leadership style. I believe this style would be ideal and will assist with approaching the team and with motivating them to win again. Please let me know if I can assist any further.

President 2nd Post

Mr. CEO, I have received your concerns. I can attest that the concerns are valid, the workforce morale has not been the same. I have had multiple discussions with the team to be able to find a way to turn things around. I also created a plan out that I was planning on presenting to you. I appreciate your input and I do agree that I will need to change up my leadership style. My current style is not working as per the increase on our turnover and decrease on productivity from the team. I agree that they are the key to our company’s success and I will do everything to make the changes need to rebuild the team’s culture and morale. I will keep you posted on the progress.

Posted 2

CEO- I would like to appreciate you taking the time out of your day to speak with me on some important matters that has been brought to my attention. it is always great to know that i have a very strong leader who is dedicated to reaching goals put in place for the growth and development of the company. However, I am concerned and would like to bring up a few issues that have been scratching the surface. Although there are a lot of people here who respects your strong will and dedication to the company, reports have shown that there are some directors, managers and employees who feel your style of leadership does not motivate them to do the best they can do. Described as a transactional leader, is one who focuses on supervision, performance,and the organization which is a good thing. However, I think that in the midst of your focuses in these areas, it would help to listen to the feedback, and add other leadership skills that will help motivate the team, and eliminate a higher rate of turnovers that we are already dealing with. I am not asking you to change your leadership, but to add leadership to your present skills, showing the employees more appreciation and ways to motivate them to do the best they can at their jobs where we will all benefit from. A transformational leader inspires and also acts as a role model while taking the time to develop the employees. Again, I think your performance has been outstanding, and the numbers have continued to rise. In conclusion, I think in order for us to see success in the future for the company, the feedback of each of our colleagues is only giving us a way to improve what we are already doing, just making sure they are appreciated and included as a part of the growth and development of the company.

President- I do want to thank you for bringing this issue to my attention. Being so busy focusing on the company and making sure we meet our numbers has made me neglect what is the most important and the backbone of this company, the employees. Let me first say thank you for believing in me and giving me a chance to prove to you that I am more than qualified to handle the position you have trusted me to do. I have noticed some of the employees attendance and performance levels not up to par. I did not realize that it had anything to do with my style of leadership. I am an open individual who takes feedback seriously, and know that in order to take this company to the next level, that improving my leadership is a task that has to happen now. I will be sure to improve on my leadership skills by including transformational leadership in order to improve employee attendance and to motivate them more. Again, thank you for making me aware of this situation, and I will make sure that my added areas of leadership will go into affect immediately.

Posted 3

I appreciate getting to spend some time with you. I would first like to commend you on the stable performance we have been seeing. In the current business environment, it can be tough to replicate performance. With that said, I would also like to take this opportunity to discuss SMQs future path forward. As I see it, the status-que is only the status-que for a finite period of time. This is primarily driven by the ever-changing expectations of our customers. To that end we need to be striving to be ahead of the market and to innovate and inspire. I am looking to you to be the catalyst for this change.

What SMQ needs now are “Leaders who inspire, act as role models, and intellectually stimulate, develop, or mentor their followers, thus having a profound and extraordinary effect on them.” (Robbins, 2019, pg. 405) Now, to be fully transparent, I have received feedback from other staff members that this form of leadership is not your natural style. We all have our strengths and preferences, but we also all have the ability to expand all our abilities. What I am proposing is to encourage you to grow to become a more transformative leader. We have a lot of good people doing good things in this organization. With the right leadership and encouragement, we could have a lot of great people doing great things.


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