Submission Requirement: 2000-word 

Learning outcomes

1.  Describe and discuss the difference between leadership and management

2.  Explain management as a process of planning, organising and evaluating

Assessment Details and Instructions:

You need to research a global business which has operations in several countries. You will need to demonstrate theoretical knowledge as well as showing how the company has implemented this knowledge into its strategic and day to day running in each of the two areas below.

Leadership and Management

1a  What are the attributes and abilities of good managers and good leaders?

1b  Provide examples of the above and show how these relate to academic theories of leadership and management.

1b  Consider your chosen organisation, what leadership style is being implemented?  Explain, how successful, or not, this has been.

1d  Explain the key differences between leadership and management according to theories and models.

Planning, Organising and Evaluating

2a  Explain with examples what is meant by organisational structure.

2b  Identify and explain the organisation structure of your chosen company.

2c  Show how your company’s structure helps the business to meet its overall aims and objectives?  Include examples of how this works through functional areas in your company working together.

2d  What role do management play in relation to planning organising and evaluating business performance?

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