Diversity and Disparities in Healthcare

Diversity and Disparities in Healthcare

Healthcare Disparities and Diversity
As they interact with a broad workforce as well as patients and their families, nurses must be acutely aware of various cultures. Take on the role of Masaya’s preceptor. Based on what you learn from watching the film (link is below), what leadership traits should you exhibit to help Masaya and your other employees accept him into the workgroup or team?
*****Hello, author I’ve included a print copy of “Second Life Video” in this essay for you to read because I wasn’t sure if you’d be able to find it. *****

This essay relates to the transcript that is below.

The “Second Life Video”

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Narration: Second Life Narration Visual

The nursing leader, Alicia, is donning a lab coat. She’s of African descent. Masaya, a Filipino who appears to be 25 years old, is dressed casually. They are seated in the hospital’s nurse leaders’ office, with Alicia at her desk.


a nurse manager We sincerely appreciate your attendance at today’s discussion. I appreciate you visiting with me on your day off when we can have a better chance to communicate since it is so busy when you are on duty. In order to receive payment for this time, make sure to clock in.

I want to talk about how you are adjusting to working on our unit in general and in the United States in particular. How are things?

employee nurse I appreciate you asking me in, ma’am. I could care less. On my day off, I typically clean my apartment. Because it is so small, it only requires ten minutes. (We both laugh.)

How do I feel it is going, really? Don’t get me wrong, though. Even though my preceptor is fantastic and I love my profession, it hasn’t always been easy. For instance, when I started reporting the other day using my patients’ surnames rather than their first names, I saw that a number of the nurses were rolling their eyes. It sounds strange here, but this is how I was trained to do it in the Philippines.

Additionally, my preceptor informed me that when I reply to everyone with “Yes, ma’am” or “Yes, sir,” it doesn’t come across as respectfully and instead makes people feel jaded.

Additionally, a few of the nurses are arranging dates for me. They are aware that I am married and that my wife is a nursing student in Manila. They believe we have broken up since I’m not living with her while I’m over here working to pay for her education.

a nurse manager I appreciate you being so open with me. Do you have any further information to share?

Employee nurse: That is all that can be thought of. It can be challenging, but I’m trying to fit in. I didn’t anticipate how difficult moving to the United States would be. But I’m adamant about keeping my job. It was a wonderful chance.

a nurse manager First of all, I want you to know that since you started working here, I’ve noticed a lot of improvement. Let me consider what you mentioned and how I might be able to assist you and the employees in understanding one another’s points of view.
Enjoy the remainder of your free day.
Transcript end

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