Business Apps for Business Professionals using mobile devices

Business Apps for Business Professionals using mobile devices: As a business professional now and in the future, you will likely have several apps on your mobile device that can benefit you in your job. For this assignment DO NOT USE email or any other productivity apps of Google, Office 2016, or Office 365. Find and discuss 3 different apps that a company might decide to use in their organization and have employees download and install on their mobile devices (smart phones, tablets, and laptops) to make communications speedier and/or employees’ work tasks smoother. Note – this is not about your personal shopping or fitness or music apps — be sure you discuss apps that would be relevant and beneficial for a business and its employees. As an example, think about human resources apps or marketing apps or management apps that might be available. You can certainly find this information through different articles or perhaps you can start by referencing one or two your current employer has you use. If you describe any used by your business, be sure you still find a source online that you can use as a reference for each app. Be sure to provide enough discussion of the apps you choose to report on—what can be accomplished through the app, etc. Be sure to use internal citations AND include your sources on a references cited page at the end of your document.

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