business case analysis


Your client is Broadway Rose. Keep in mind that Broadway Rose is a Not-for-Profit, which means that while “profits” are still handy and welcome (to be rolled back into the organization), “profits” are not a primary goal of the organization in the long run.

A Feasibility Analysis of each option you can offer Broadway Rose, using the Five Feasibility Model as a starting point. Identify issues that raise questions about the current limits of feasibility with each option or that offer opportunities to make the option more attractive in terms of feasibility, so you can discuss this with your client.

An organizing framework (based on CBfitR) of the Decision Criteria that you feel will inform your best recommendation between the options (the Feasibility Analysis should directly help you do this). Use the opportunity to decide what criteria will be most important, in-between and less important. If you want to show how the decision criteria lead to a choice based on the weights/importance you have described that is fine, but not necessary! In other words, if you know how to do a decision matrix, that’s fine but it’s not expected and it won’t get anyone extra credit so focus on delivering something that will encourage the client to discuss whether these are the right decision criteria and whether the weightings make sense.


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