Business case study

My Topic Name: Improving Security of Business websites by using Intelligent Agent


  • Create a first draft of the business case for the Final Group Project Case Study. Use the APA template (in Blackboard) and the syllabus to fill in the headings and sub-headings for the whole paper. Create a first draft of content in each of the following sections. Cite and reference at least three sources to connect to mission, strategy, and competitive landscape. Include a filled out Charter-Scope template at the end of the document.

Phase 1: Planning

  • Opening story to illustrate need statement of the problem
  • Statement of opportunity/problem
  • Measurable objective
  • Company mission/background
  • Connection to Business Strategy
  • Interviews/Problem clarification
  • Stakeholder involvement


Should write in APA format

Reference must be provided at the last page

Headings should be provide

must follow the question properly and should cover all points with headings


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