Business Ethics

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The two businesses are The Children’s Defense Fund, a nonprofit organization, and AirBnB, a for-profit organization.
You are a well-known author of an article on organizational behavior for a journal that publishes ethnographic research. Your goal is to pinpoint the main issues with corporate ethics in both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. Please finish the following tasks in this potential article:
Outline the non-profit organization’s firm profile (go to the week #2 notebook for the details you should include). Describe the moral conundrum it has or has recently had. Explain how it handled this moral quandary and what happened in terms of the law, society, or politics as a result of the decisions made.
Outline the company profile of the for-profit organization you have chosen to evaluate (refer to the information you should include in the week #2 journal). Describe the moral conundrum it has or has recently had. Explain how it handled this moral quandary and what happened in terms of the law, society, or politics as a result of the decisions made.
Please include your own comments on the moral decisions made in regard to the issue in section three of your essay. Consider those activities in the context of your own ethical principles. Use the following inquiries to guide your analysis: Was the company’s response morally righteous? Did the business act in a way that was immoral? A force outside of the organization or the company itself caused the moral conundrum? Could more have been done by the company? Who was in charge of the issue, and how might it have been avoided?
Keep in mind that when you evaluate something, you should support your arguments with logical reasoning and verifiable proof. Do not only respond to these inquiries with a simple yes or no. Instead, you should constantly back up your arguments with data that demonstrates why you hold the viewpoint you do.
Please write a critique of the behavior of these companies in Part 4 of your essay using two of the philosophical theories (deontology, utilitarianism, egoism, virtue ethics, moral relativism) that you learned previously in the course. Find out the moral philosophy the corporation seems to be following in this matter. Describe the aspects of the choice that, in your opinion, reflect the company’s ethical stance. Why is this the most moral stance on the matter, if you concur with the company’s ethical theory? If not, describe which ethical position you think would be the best to take in this case and why you think that position is superior. Here are some illustrations of questions to help you think:
Which ethical theory was applied by the business while making its choice? The best, was it? If not, why not?
Which ethical philosophy ought the business to have applied? Why?
What should be the ideal dynamic between loss or pain and gain?
What does it mean to operate a business ethically?
What is the best method for a business to keep its competitive edge and contribute to the general well-being or pleasure of its employees and clients?
requirements for length and logistics
The number of pages in your essay, excluding the title page and the reference list, must be 10 double-spaced. The APA style guide should be followed in your writings. Six of the 10 scholarly sources you must use—of which there are six in the Ashford Online Library—must be used. Visit the Ashford Writing Center under the Learning Resources tab on the left navigation toolbar for details on APA, as well as samples and tutorials. The page length criteria for this project are broken out in the table below.

Section 1: 3 pages
Section 2: 3 pages
Part 3: Two pages, one for every business.
Part 4: Two pages, one for every business.
Finalizing the Paper
The Complete Paper:

Must be at least ten double-spaced pages long (excluding the title page and reference list), structured in accordance with the Ashford Writing Center’s guidelines for APA style.
A title page with the following information is required:
Name of the essay
pupils’ names
Name and number of the course
Trainer’s name
submitted date
Must start with an introduction that includes a clear thesis statement.
must provide a thoughtful response to the paper’s topic.
Must conclude with a thesis-affirming conclusion.
Use at least 10 academic sources, at least six of which must come from the Ashford Online Library.
All sources must be cited using the APA style, as recommended by the Ashford Writing Center.
Must include a separate reference page that is formatted in accordance with Ashford Writing Center’s APA guidelines.

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