Business Responsibility and Sustainability

Corporate Social Responsibility has different understandings across different parts of the world. Using two Multinational Corporations (one from a western developed country and one from an emerging market /developing country?uk and china?) and their engagement in CSR, discuss the differences and similarities in their CSR activities.
Specific Guidelines
The assignment should be written in an essay format and should contain the
• A brief overview of no more than 100 words which highlights the topic
selected (these 100 words in the ‘overview are not counted towards the
3000 word limit)
• Critical review of topic (see guidance below)
• A reference list (A minimum of 10 references have to be used
ranging from journal articles, practitioner articles, text books and
online materials) the words in the list of references are not counted
towards the 3000 word limit)
Your critical review of topic should contain the following:-
1. Review of Literature you need to engage in a detailed and
comprehensive review of academic and practitioner literature related to
the selected topic. This should be indicated by using references and intext
citations within the essay. Use of literature beyond those suggested in
your module reading list is expected.
2. Critical analysis of the topic you must examine the topic critically by
identifying either an argument for, or against it, or by analysing diverse
aspects of the topic. This critical analysis should be most evident in the
discussion of the practice-based implications of the topic to business

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