Business Sustainability and Accountability
Topic To increase company participation in CSR in a nation, governments might adopt corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies. Talk about how the government of a chosen nation (the UK) has promoted CSR and assess how it has used CSR policies to accomplish so.

Specific Instructions
The task must be prepared in essay format and must include the following:
• A succinct summary of the chosen topic of no more than 100 words; this summary’s 100 words are not included in the 3000 word maximum.
• Analysis of the subject critically (see advice below)
• A reference list (at least 10 sources must be cited, including texts, journal articles, practitioner articles, and online resources; the list’s words are not included in the 3000 word maximum).
Your critical analysis of the subject should include the following:-
1. Review of the Literature You must conduct a thorough and in-depth analysis of the academic and professional literature pertinent to the chosen topic. References and in-text citations should be used within the article to demonstrate this. It is expected that you will use literature outside of what is listed on your module reading list.
2. A critical examination of the subject You must conduct a critical analysis of the subject by identifying arguments for or against it or by studying various facets of it. The consideration of the topic’s business-related practice-based ramifications should make this critical analysis more clear.

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