Report on Business Strategy

Order Description Analysis of the Shangrila Hotels’ business strategy

3500 words total, excluding the executive summary, references, and any appendices.

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Making wise and effective use of an organization’s resources and talents to achieve the organization’s goals in light of the current external conditions is a core focus of strategic management. In order to complete this evaluation, you must analyze the internal and external environments of Shangri-La Hotels and then offer suggestions for how the company can preserve or enhance its competitive advantage.

The format for this assessment, which is described in the next section’s sub-section, is an academic report. The business strategy report must follow the following format and be presented in an academic report style. It must also have a properly designed table of contents before the executive summary:

It must have used a minimum of five (5) scholarly sources to put together this report.

Throughout the designated portions of the report, it must additionally cite a minimum of six (6) pieces of “applied literature” (such as company websites, news stories, and/or articles from trade journals). This requirement’s specifics are outlined in the following subsection.
You ought to approach composing the report with the perspective of a company strategist. You must demonstrate that you have acquired the capacity to consider how the theories and concepts discussed might be used in actual situations.

It has four components, with only section 3 being due on December 4 and the other three being due on December 18.
a succinct summary

A report’s executive summary, shouldn’t be more than one page long.

Introduction to Section One (around 100 words)

a succinct explanation of the report’s aims, purpose, and a general breakdown of its structure.

Section Two: Internal Environment Analysis (1000 words)

You must critically evaluate the internal environment of Shangri-La Hotels in this area. You should analyze the organizational resources, strategic capabilities (also known as distinctive competencies), and how each of them impacts the competitive advantage of the organization.

You must conduct a critical analysis of the internal environment of the organization before writing this section. In this section, you must: a. critically analyze the organization’s primary assets, capabilities, and how those assets work together to create distinctive competencies. Additionally, you should briefly explain and comment on the organization’s main competitive edge.
a. Include at least two (2) references from “applied literature” in your analysis to show that you have read widely about the organization you are analyzing.

It is strongly advised that you use subheadings in this part and talk about each subject separately (such as resources, capabilities, unique talents, and competitive advantage).

Section Three: External Environments Analysis (1300 words), due on December 4
You must evaluate the Shangrila Hotels’ surrounding settings. This section is divided into two parts: a macro environment analysis and an analysis of the industry environment.

3.1 Macro-environment analysis
When putting together your analysis of the organization’s macro-environment, you must: a. discuss two (2) current macro-environmental trends relevant to the organization you are analyzing; and b. include at least two (2) references from “applied literature” to show that you have read widely on these topics.

3.2 A study of the business environment
When preparing your talk on the industry environment of the organization, you must: a. frame your study using Michael Porter’s Five Forces of Industry Competitiveness model (see Topic 3).
A minimum of two (2) references from the “applied literature” should be incorporated into your industry environment analysis to show that you have read widely on these topics. B. Address all five components of Porter’s Five Forces model.

To differentiate the description of each force, utilize subheadings.

Chapter Four (1000 words) Recommended strategic course of action

You are asked to offer suggestions in this part for the organization’s strategic course of action. To put it another way, are the organizations’ current strategies wise? Should the organization alter its tactics, too?

In this area, you must include suggestions for both (i) business-level strategy and (ii) corporate-level strategy:
By addressing the organization’s general strategy (such as cost leadership, differentiation, focus, or a combination of the strategies), make recommendations for business-level strategy. In order to maintain or enhance the organization’s competitive edge, you should explain why the general strategy should be kept or changed.
b. Make suggestions for corporate-level strategy by examining whether any of the corporate-level strategies discussed in Topic 6 could help the organization enhance value.

You must use the analysis you’ve gathered in Sections Two and Three in this section. The arguments in Sections Two and Three and the suggestions offered in Section Four ought should make sense together. Only minimum marks will be given for this area if you fail to draw this logical connection.

Here, it is crucial to adopt a critical attitude. You should thoroughly examine the reasons why various strategic initiatives could or might not succeed. For instance, if you suggest that the organization switch to a “focused differentiation strategy,” you should discuss the advantages and disadvantages of such a strategy as well as how it will help the organization keep or strengthen its competitive advantage.

It is crucial that you back your recommendations in this part with academic or applied literature (such as newspaper or trade journal articles). Minimum marks will be awarded if your argument is not sufficiently supported by relevant literature.

Conclusion of Section 5 (100 words)

Restate the report’s goal in this area, and then give a summary of the key themes you explored in your study. Make sure to only include information that has already been covered in the report’s main body. Do not add any new information.

A breakdown of the grades
Section 2: Internal Environment Analysis: 12
Section 3’s analyses of the macroenvironment (pages 9 and 14) and the industry environment
Section 4 Strategic recommendations: 15
Referencing Citations used in the text: 1 and List of references: 2
Other Executive summary, table of contents, introduction, and conclusion: 2
Marks Total: 55



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