Calculate the DDT concentration in the spinach sample.

A researcher was attemping to quantify the amount of DDT (dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane) in spinach with gas chromotography using a chloroform internal standard. To begin, the researcher examined a sample containing 8.76 mg/L DDT standard and 3.60 mg/L chloroform as the internal standard, producing peak areas of 4517 and 10571, respectively.

Then, the researcher collected 10.67 g of spinach, homogenized the sample, and extracted the DDT using an established method (assume 100% extraction), producing a 3.68 mL volume of unknown sample. The researcher then prepared a sample that contained 1.00 mL of the unknown sample and 2.00 mL of 12.41 mg/L chloroform, which was diluted to a final volume of 25.00 mL. The sample was analzed using GCMS, producing peak areas of 6693 and 12819 for the unknown and chloroform, respectively.

Calculate the DDT concentration in the spinach sample. Express the final answer as milligrams DDT per gram of spinach.

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