calculate the price of items and will ask for the payment in different modes such as Cash on Delivery, Debit Card and Credit Card.

E Commerce websites are very popular sites nowadays. E commerce is an electronic to do trading and providing services through Internet, Mobile or other means of network. Various technologies are being used in E commerce to making trading between organisation and consumer and vice versa. On the e commerce the consumer can access various items on the site and can order the goods by sitting at home. In our website we try to cover all the aspects which are necessary for the e commerce website. Our website is being built in PHP Platform which is capable platform in making dynamic websites. The website will allow the user to browse the products listed on the website and order the product with secure payment gateway. The various items have been introduced in our website which make it showstopper website in e commerce section. (“eCommerce”, 2013)

The website will be developed with all advance features of an ecommerce website. The other features of the proposed website are as follows.

 Navigation: The website will have very good navigational features which includes Menus, Hyperlinks search box etc.

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 User Interface: The website will be developed with a very bright, creative and attractive yet professional look. Target audience of the website will be people between the age group 15-50 yrs so the website will be developed according to taste of target audience.

 Reliable: The website will be reliable with the end user. It will be good in quality and performance. The content of the website will be readable and understandable by the consumer.

 Feedback: The website will allow the user to share feedback with the help of proper feedback forms to provide a personal feel to the user.

 Responsive: The website will be fast in response to the user. The website must give the accurate response to the user. The user will do trading over the website so sensitive information of user will be secure in the terms of security.

Functional Requirements:

There are some functional requirements for the user to make access to the website which are as follows:-

1. Registration: The user must register himself to the website with the valid data.

2. User Login: Once the user finish with the registration, the user id will be provided to the user by website. Through that user id the user can login in to the website.

3. Items List: when the user successfully login in the website, he can go through the various item lists.

4. Product Cart: The user can add the products in the product cart in case of willing to buy those products.

5. Payment Mode: Once the user adds the items in the cart, the system will calculate the price of items and will ask for the payment in different modes such as Cash on Delivery, Debit Card and Credit Card.

Non functional Requirements:

1. Security: The website will be secure and will not reveal the information about the user to others.

2. Simplicity: The website will be simple so that it can be easily understandable by the user.

3. Friendliness: The friendly user interface will make the website easy to operate .

Hardware requirement:

1. At least 64 Mb of RAM on your server

2. 700 MHz processor

3. 1gb hard disk for ubuntu server(Further hard disk requirement depends upon our website load)

Software Requirements:

1. Operating system(window, linux)

2. PHP Environment(5.4+ ,for oops functionality)

3. MySql

4. Apache (Lowe, 2003).

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