can you help with a 2 3 page paper functions of emotion

Functions of Emotion Paper

Read the linked article titled WK4 Emotions by Michelle Maises.

Then examine what the Bible has to say about emotions with the following article:

For a second article on the subject, see:

Write a 2 to 3 page (500 to 750 word double spaced) paper on the functions of emotion. Ensure the following points are covered in the content:

  • Describe emotion.
  • Discuss how emotions affect every conflict situation.
  • Explore misconceptions about emotions and how our fears and thoughts about emotion hinder resolution.
  • Discuss the main negative emotions that surface during conflict especially anger and fear and anxiety. How can these be managed? What does the Scripture offer in terms of perspective and solution?
  • Include an application section where you discuss your own feelings during conflict situations and how you can use conflicts for emotional and spiritual transformation.


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