Can your college experience withstand existential scrutiny?

Use Sartre’s and/or Nietzsche’s theory to critically evaluate your experience as a Babson student so far. Can your college experience withstand existential scrutiny? You are free to approach this question in whatever way you see fit as long as you show a rigorous understanding of the theory we have discussed. Some questions you might want to consider: How are the themes of responsibility, freedom, and Angst reflected in your activities as a student? Have you lived in denial of these themes? What about the principles you consider œrational and the purposes you deem worthwhile? Does what you are doing have meaning, and if so, what is that meaning and how is it construed? The more specific you are in your focus, and the more closely you tie your argument to the texts we have read, the better. You may choose to write this paper in the form of a personal reflection if you prefer that format to a more traditional paper. Requirements ¢ You must engage the theory of Sartre and/or Nietzsche as discussed in class. Feel free to combine the different philosophies if it helps you make your case, but note that you are free to focus on just one of them. ¢ Do not use theoretical sources other than the Sartre/Nietzsche you read for class “ the only outside sources you are permitted to use are examples (e.g. a works of art, stories, movies, etc.) that help you make your point. ¢ Whatever the topic, your paper should be no more than 4 pages long, double-spaced, using letter size 12 (Times New Roman or similar)

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