Canadian Media

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Write an article outlining your personal stance on a topic that is currently taking place in the media or among scholars. Peer-reviewed sources must be used to support your study of a subject.
Any of the following subjects linked to a topic we have been reading about or talking about in class should be the subject of a research argument. The topic needs to be specific enough to be covered in four to five pages. Make an effort to keep your essay as concentrated as you can:
1. Look at articles in Canadian publications where the phrases “refugee” and “immigrant” are mentioned. How do these individuals or groups appear in the media? Describe how the media reflects the attitudes of our culture toward these groups.
2. Discuss the corporateization of higher education in your essay. Does the current university system make education less accessible?
3. Look into the global warming issue. Concentrate on one or two components while you build your case.
4. Write on diversity or gender equality. Focus on either the domestic or international scene. Choose a topic to write on, such as gender equality or diversity in corporate culture, academia, politics, or another area.
The essay needs to be word processed, double-spaced, and formatted in accordance with the MLA style manual. 12-point Times New Roman should be used. Formatting mistakes cost you points.
In this essay, you must use at least three (3) and no more than five (5) sources. Peer reviews on at least two of these sources are required. Your source could be a reputable web source, a book, a book chapter, or a journal article.
The total length of the essay, excluding the works cited page, should be four to five (4–5) pages. As a result, page five or page six should contain the works mentioned list, which always starts on a new page.
A strong thesis statement, clarity and insight into the sources used (including the use of pertinent quotations), the absence of mechanical writing faults, and a well-structured work are all characteristics of a successful paper. Essays will be graded on their content, thesis and argument structure (including the introduction and conclusion), use of evidence and supporting data, quality of analysis, writing quality (including grammar and clarity), writing style, originality, and material organization, as well as their adherence to the MLA stylesheet’s formatting and citation guidelines.

Follow the instructions we covered in class, the examples on pages 467–70 of CWR, and pages 155–58 and 117–21 of The Active Reader. If you require additional assistance, see the chapters on “Writing Argumentative Essays” and “Writing Research Papers in AR,” or, of course, come see me. The course overview contains specifics regarding assignment regulations.

media in Canada.

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