Canadian Political Polls – How to Find Them

Whether you are a Canadian or not you might be interested in Canadian politics and want to know where to find a good resource for Canadian political polls. Please note that I am referring to scientific polls only — ones done by polling agencies, credible organizations and media outlets. In this article I will tell you how to find such websites.

First off, you want to determine whether you want to look at provincial Canadian political polls or federal ones. Since this article seeks to serve the international community, I will focus here strictly on federal political polls. If you want to look at the provinces individually, most of the sites I will list either have information and polls on the provinces or they at least provide links to sites that have such data.

I will now list what I consider to be the best resources for information on Canadian political polls. Here we go:

Nanos Research

This is such a great site. It conducts polls on not just which Canadian political party people are supporting, but it also questions Canadians on important political issues as well. If you are looking to get a general idea of what issues Canadians most care about and who they are supporting, I suggest that you visit this website before any others. If anything, you will get a good, broad idea of what makes Canadians tick.

Simon Fraser University: Elections

This university in British Columbia has a great website that takes scientific averages of five polls at a time and plots them on a grid while including what they call “meaningless variations” which add to the overall value of the data. This is a great place to visit if you are looking to find out the polling trends of voter support for the various Canadian political parties. One of the benefits of visiting this site is that it provides links to the polls it is aggregating and providing its findings on. It is always good to know where a polling agency gets its numbers from. This site is updated quite frequently since it is always reacting to the work that other polling organizations do. This website serves as a good “hub” for polling data.

Angus Reid

Angus Reid Global Monitor is one of the grand-daddies of political polling companies. This behemoth of a polling agency has polls from around the world — over 21,00 polls to be (relatively) precise! If you are interested in researching some Canadian political polls and then want to follow that up with some polls from around the world, this is the place to do it. With so many polls done by such a widely respected organization, it is hard not to include Angus Reid in your collection of political poll websites.

There you have it! Now that you have a good information and resource base you can grow and expand your polling research website collection. Thanks for reading!

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