You must submit a written, double-spaced paper in APA format that is between four and six pages long for Sections I–V. Please start your paper with a title page and an abstract (although these do not count toward the required number of pages). The best grades will go to writings that are comprehensive, intelligent, and well-structured. Sections I through V must be covered and mentioned in the paper. The questions are only offered for reference, so make sure you properly and seriously address each part by responding to the questions of your choice.

Information regarding a certain career in which you are interested is presented in Section I. Include details on the nature of the work, the surroundings, the education, training, and personality attributes needed for success, as well as average earnings, the forecast for the labor market, relevant positions, typical employers, etc. Books, periodicals, newspapers, trade journals, and the internet are all acceptable sources. The following are some sample questions to consider answering: What unique abilities, talents, or character traits are required for this occupation? Where might you pick up experience? How are you suited for this profession? Which personality traits or skills do you currently possess that you feel will help you succeed in this profession?

Information in Section II about a particular employer who might hire someone with your preferred career interests. This portion of the project should be approached as if you were getting ready for a genuine job interview. The scope of the organization’s history, organizational structure, culture, and/or mission, as well as its size, branches or affiliates, clients or customers, goods or services, chances for advancement, etc., should all be covered. This information can be found on the websites of the majority of medium-sized to large businesses. However, you are urged to conduct informational research using sources other than the company itself (for instance, Hoovers and Uniworld). Included among the suggested inquiries to be addressed are, but are not limited to: What is the outlook for employment in this occupation? What variables affect the number of jobs in this field? What room is there for advancement in this position? What health advantages are offered to employees? What risks to one’s health and safety exist in this line of work? What additional incentives, such as vacation time or a retirement plan, might this job offer?

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Section III: A summary of the normal career path one follows as he/she rises in this career. What exactly is an entry-level job? What other titles are there for entry-level jobs? Does it exist more than one possible route? What jobs exist at the medium and upper levels? Questions to consider answering include, but are not restricted to: What level of education is the bare minimum for this position? The maximum? How many academic years are required? At what price? Where would you go to get this training? (Junior college, technical school, college, or university? ), or on-the-job training. What qualifications must you meet to enroll in these training programs? The number of years? After graduation? What is the starting salary for this position typically? in this region? Anywhere else? What is the highest wage you can anticipate earning? Here? Anywhere else? What elements influence the salary range? What costs are associated with beginning this line of work? What are the options for financing, underwriting, or deferring the “start up” costs?

Section IV: You must conduct an informational interview with a professional in your field of interest in order to complete this project. It should ideally be a worker for the company that was investigated. Never interview a member of your own family, a neighbor, or a faculty member. Take a chance and seek out a different person. Referrals from friends and family, Co-op employers, or even a business or organization you’d like to work for are all resources. Alternatively, you may cold phone and see if anyone would be open to a 30-minute conversation. The final page contains the interview form (which includes their details). To make sure you cover everything, it would be a good idea to ask them the questions included in each area of this document. Find someone knowledgeable about both the firm and the industry. Questions to consider answering include but are not restricted to Describe a day in the life of someone doing this work. What time do you typically open? What are the day’s highlights? What would be the most difficult? What more should I know that I may not have asked, in your opinion? (to query the interviewee) What suggestions do you have for someone who wants to work in this field? To query the interviewee,

In Section V, you must wrap up your essay by discussing your research and experience. Think about how well you think you might fit in with this employer, for instance. You might need to talk about how happy you are working in the career field you have looked into. The following are a few examples of suggested questions to respond to: What personality traits or skills do you have that would make you suitable for this job? What experiences from “real life” have you had that have helped you prepare? What about your plans? Has this study verified or altered, and why? Are there any areas where you still need to improve your skills? What components of the industry or job do you enjoy or dislike, and why? Which traits/aspects best describe you as a person and a prospective employee?

References & Citations: The paper must cite at least six sources, including the informational interview, two print sources from the past or academic sources from the LRC database (eBooks, academic journals, periodicals, newspapers), and the final three from the internet or other sources. You must cite information obtained from external sources using the accepted APA format in order to prevent plagiarism. For more information and instructions, consult your manual or your teacher.
1. The informational interview form listed below must be included in your paper.
2. You should also send a copy of the thank-you note (or email) you wrote to the interviewee.

Informational Interview Form (should be filled out and included with paper as an appendix):
The person interviewed for an informational interview:_______________________________________________________
Title or Profession: _______________________________________
Phone number or email address: ____________________________________________ address or website of the business:____________________________________________
Interview date:________________________________________________________



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