Case Scenario : wedding planning

Case Scenario: You are the wedding planner for this wedding. A local couple has contracted with you to plan their wedding. They want a destination wedding. They want to get married on the beach in Destin, Florida next June. Check out the scenery from the Destin, Florida Chamber of Commerce beach cameras: You can see a YouTubetutorial on using MS Project for doing a wedding project network: See the link: Watch the video to see the list and the project network that is generated from the work breakdown structure or task list. Your wedding plan involves a beach wedding package for the couple. You are checking out the beach wedding packages in Destin, Florida by using Google search engine and the search term Destin, Florida beach weddings. Wedding Guests and Reception: Family and friends will travel to Destin and stay at local hotels on the beach. Your task is to plan the event which includes the ceremony on the beach and the reception that follows the wedding for the wedding couple and their guests. Your first task is to prepare a list of tasks to accomplish your wedding plan. 1. Wedding location and reception location (may be in same location) 2. Overview of your wedding plan 3. Task lists of wedding tasks and events 4. Project Network (uses the task lists, includes dates and times) 5. Explain your contingency plans in the event some event or task is late or incomplete to bring the wedding plans in on time and provide the event the bride and groom want. 6. Summary – Summarize the wedding timeline, days to complete, etc.

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